Kinney County Officials Urge Governor Abbott for Special Border Security Session

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Kinney County Courthouse

Officials in Kinney County, Texas, including the County Attorney, the County Judge, and the Sheriff, have put forth a concerted plea to Governor Greg Abbott for immediate legislative action regarding border security. They have submitted a petition requesting the convening of a special legislative session dedicated to establishing a statewide law enforcement body. This body’s purpose would be to implement robust border security measures along the extensive Texas-Mexico border.

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The call to action is underscored by the ongoing and well-documented threats from transnational criminal organizations that affect the safety and well-being of Texas residents. The officials underscore the urgency of the situation, noting that communities cannot afford to wait for the regular legislative session scheduled for 2025 to address the border security issues that are impacting them now.

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Texans statewide are being urged to actively engage with their elected representatives, petitioning for their support in this matter. A directory for contacting representatives has been provided, facilitating citizen participation in this call for action.

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Furthermore, county officials seeking to draft similar petitions have been offered assistance. The County Attorney’s office is providing templates for such requests and can be contacted for more information.

The announcement highlights the gravity of the situation along the border and the need for immediate government intervention. For residents and officials in border counties like Kinney, the day-to-day reality of border security concerns necessitates expedited action and support from the state government.

For further details on the initiative and how to reach out to representatives, please visit the provided Texas Legislature’s directory.

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