Kinney County Attorney Brent Smith Urges Community to Support Border Security Bills

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Three Border Security Bills to Be Voted on by Texas House

Kinney County Attorney Brent Smith is urging the community to support three important bills that address pressing border security and immigration issues. The bills will be voted on by the Texas House on Wednesday, October 25th.

Smith Encourages Community to Support Bills 

The first bill: HB6, seeks to provide additional funds for the construction of a Texas border wall in Maverick and Val Verde Counties. The goal of this bill is to enhance border security in the region, which has been a topic of concern and debate in recent years.

The second bill: HB4, focuses on creating a criminal law that applies to individuals who enter Texas illegally. This bill also grants law enforcement the authority to return such individuals to Mexico.

The third bill: SB4, is geared toward implementing harsher penalties for criminal activities related to smuggling or stash houses.

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Smith encourages residents to contact their local house representative, Eddie Morales, to express their support for these bills. Morales’s office phone number is (512) 463-0566.

Smith will also be sharing a link to the full invited testimony in the comments section of his Facebook post, along with a shareable copy of the testimony he was asked to deliver.

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Smith’s call to action is a reminder of the importance of community involvement in the legislative process. By expressing their support for these bills, residents can play a role in shaping the future of border security and immigration law enforcement in Texas.

We will keep you updated on how State Rep. Eddie Morales votes for the constituents of Texas House District 74.

Source: Kinney County Attorney Brent Smith

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