Maverick County Deputy Halts Human Smuggling Attempt

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Traffic Stop Leads to Discovery of Undocumented Individuals

Last night , a Maverick County Deputy initiated a traffic stop involving a white 2020 Chevy Pick-up. The traffic violation prompted the deputy to approach the vehicle and engage with its occupants, Claudio Mauricio Pintor (19 years old) and Jolette Sanchez (18 years old), hailing from the Houston area.

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Unveiling a Human Smuggling Attempt

Upon thorough investigation, it was unveiled that the seemingly routine traffic stop was concealing a human smuggling attempt. Hidden within the vehicle were six undocumented individuals. Law enforcement promptly contacted Border Patrol agents to secure the situation and take custody of the undocumented subjects.

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Pintor and Sanchez were apprehended and subsequently transported to the Tom Bowles Detention Center for comprehensive processing. The vehicle, a crucial piece of evidence, was impounded by a local wrecker service as part of the ongoing investigation. A comprehensive report was filed detailing the incident and the subsequent actions taken by law enforcement agencies.

This incident highlights the dedication and vigilance of law enforcement officers in preventing illegal activities, ensuring public safety, and upholding the law.

Source: Maverick County Sheriffs Office

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