FBI Rescues 200 Victims of Sex Trafficking

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FBI’s Nationwide Initiative Yields Significant Results

The FBI, in collaboration with state and local partners, executed a nationwide enforcement campaign named Operation Cross Country, which led to the identification and location of 200 victims of sex trafficking. The operation also resulted in the apprehension of 126 suspects involved in child sexual exploitation and human trafficking offenses, with 68 trafficking suspects identified or arrested.

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FBI’s Unwavering Commitment to Combating Human Trafficking

Operation Cross Country’s two-week operation in July focused on identifying and locating victims of sex trafficking, investigating and arresting individuals and criminal enterprises engaged in child sex and human trafficking. The initiative was carried out in partnership with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) to rescue victims and dismantle criminal networks.

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FBI Director Christopher Wray emphasized the FBI’s dedication to combatting human trafficking and reiterated the importance of collaboration with state and local law enforcement partners. The FBI’s multidisciplinary team ensures a victim-centered approach, providing support and resources to meet the unique needs of trafficking victims.

Source: DOJ

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