Operation Lone Star: Smuggler Arrested After Guiding 15 Illegal Immigrants Across Rio Grande in Eagle Pass

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Texas DPS Tactical Marine Unit and Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission Collaborate in the Successful Operation

In a joint operation, known as “Operation Lone Star,” the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) Tactical Marine Unit and the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission apprehended a notorious smuggler while attempting to guide 15 illegal immigrants across the Rio Grande in Eagle Pass.

Smuggler Alexis Torres Vasquez, hailing from Venezuela and an illegal immigrant himself, was arrested near the volatile border area, where the smuggling of undocumented immigrants is an ongoing concern.


During “Operation Lone Star,” law enforcement agents discovered drug paraphernalia, a machete, and currency from Mexico in Vasquez’s possession, raising concerns about potential ties to criminal networks involved in trafficking activities.

The arrest of Vasquez marks a significant achievement for the collaborative efforts of the Texas DPS and Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission in combatting illegal immigration and related criminal activities in the region.

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Authorities urge residents and visitors in the area to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activities related to smuggling or illegal border crossings. The joint efforts of law enforcement agencies are crucial in maintaining border security and upholding the rule of law.

As the case against Vasquez moves forward, authorities remain committed to securing the border and ensuring the safety of communities from the dangers posed by illegal immigration and associated criminal enterprises.

Source: Texas DPS

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