Texas Faces Legal Action for Erecting Border Barrier

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Justice Department Calls Out Texas Gov. for Alleged Violations in Border Barrier Construction

The Justice Department has issued a warning to Texas Governor Greg Abbott, expressing its intention to file a lawsuit in response to the governor’s construction of a floating barrier wall in the Rio Grande River. The purpose of the barrier was to prevent migrants from crossing the border illegally. In a letter addressed to Governor Abbott, the department stated that Texas’s actions not only violate federal law but also raise serious humanitarian concerns, endanger public safety, and threaten the environment. Furthermore, it may interfere with the federal government’s official duties in handling immigration matters.

The letter, which was obtained by USA TODAY, sets a deadline for Texas officials to respond. If there is no commitment to remove the barrier by Monday, the Justice Department will initiate legal action against the state.

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Governor Abbott, however, responded to the Justice Department’s warning on Twitter, asserting that Texas holds “sovereign authority” to defend its border. He placed the blame for the humanitarian crisis at the border on President Biden, citing his refusal to secure the border and policies that encourage migrants to make perilous crossings through the Rio Grande.

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“We will continue to deploy every strategy to protect Texans and Americans – and the migrants risking their lives,” Governor Abbott stated defiantly, making it clear that he is ready to face any legal challenges from the federal government.

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The potential legal action from the Justice Department comes amid troubling reports of inhumane treatment of migrants along the U.S.-Mexico border. Some migrants attempting to cross the border have been left injured and bleeding due to razor-wire barriers that were installed at Governor Abbott’s direction. Additionally, allegations have emerged that state troopers were instructed to deny water to migrants in sweltering heat and push them back into the river.

In response to the situation, Representative Joaquin Castro and numerous congressional Democrats have called on the Biden administration to assert its authority over federal immigration policy and foreign relations. They seek an investigation into Abbott’s border operation, known as Operation Lone Star, and demand legal measures to halt it. The lawmakers argue that Operation Lone Star’s programs and policies, particularly the erection of razor wire or buoy walls, pose significant dangers to migrants and hinder border patrol officers’ ability to treat migrants humanely while complying with federal and international laws.

The letter, endorsed by 86 House Democrats, urgently requests President Biden’s intervention to “stop this horrific abuse of power.

As the standoff between Texas and the federal government escalates, the fate of the barrier wall and the treatment of migrants remain contentious issues that demand swift resolution and careful consideration of the humanitarian implications involved.

Source: USA Today

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