Buoys Arrive for Bravo River Floating Wall in Eagle Pass

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Eagle Pass, Texas – In a move aimed at curbing unauthorized entry, trucks loaded with buoys arrived in Eagle Pass on Friday to implement a barrier in the middle of the Rio Grande River. This strategic placement of buoys seeks to prevent the crossing of undocumented individuals into the United States.

As part of the state plan, the buoys will be positioned south of the international bridges, precisely where significant instances of undocumented border crossings have been recorded. The buoy barrier is expected to extend across a 2-mile stretch, creating a formidable obstacle to unauthorized entry.

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The arrival of the buoys is a crucial step in the State of Texas’s efforts to protect its border and ensure the integrity of immigration processes. This initiative supplements the existing barrier composed of metal boxes and barbed wire that stretches along the bank of the Rio Grande River in Eagle Pass.

Trucks carrying the buoys entered the town and made their way to the Shelby Park grounds, where they were parked. The prompt placement of these buoys aligns with the previously announced timeline, emphasizing the urgency in fortifying border security measures.

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The implementation of the Rio Grande River buoy barrier marks a significant stride in Texas’s commitment to combating unauthorized entry. By employing this innovative solution, the state aims to establish a deterrent against illegal border crossings and maintain the integrity of its immigration system.

As developments unfold, Texas continues to implement proactive strategies to safeguard its borders, contributing to the national discourse on immigration and border security. The buoy barrier project stands as a testament to the state’s unwavering dedication to addressing this complex issue.

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