Texas Resigns from Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC)

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Texas’s Decision to Withdraw from ERIC

In a significant move, the State of Texas has formally announced its resignation from the Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC). The decision, following Article II, Section 7 of the ERIC Bylaws, will take effect after a mandatory 91-day notice period.


ERIC, based in Washington, DC, serves as a vital resource for member states, facilitating the exchange of voter registration data and supporting efforts to maintain accurate and up-to-date voter rolls. Texas’s departure from ERIC raises questions about its implications for the state’s voter registration processes and electoral landscape.

The letter, addressed to Shane Hamlin, Executive Director of ERIC, was signed by Chutu Walhis from the Office of the Texas Secretary of State and Christina Adkins, the Director of Elections. The communication formally notified ERIC of Texas’s decision to withdraw from the organization.


While the letter didn’t specify the reasons behind Texas’s exit from ERIC, experts and election officials are speculating on possible political considerations or differences in data management approaches as contributing factors.

The withdrawal comes at a time when voter registration and election processes are under intense scrutiny nationwide. ERIC’s mission of increasing voter registration accuracy and participation has been at the forefront of electoral reform efforts.

As news of Texas’s resignation spreads, election experts and officials from other member states are closely monitoring the situation. The ability of ERIC to maintain a robust and comprehensive voter registration system could be impacted by the departure of a significant member like Texas.

Shane Hamlin, the Executive Director of ERIC, expressed the organization’s regret at Texas’s decision to leave. He emphasized ERIC’s continued commitment to its mission and reaffirmed their dedication to assisting member states in improving voter registration and election processes.

In the coming weeks, as the 91-day notice period unfolds, Texas officials and ERIC representatives will engage in discussions to ensure a smooth transition and address any lingering concerns.

In conclusion, Texas’s resignation from the Electronic Registration Information Center marks a critical development in the landscape of voter registration and election data sharing. The implications of this move will be closely observed by election experts and officials as they assess its potential impact on voter participation and electoral integrity.

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