VIDEO: Texas DPS Troopers Bust Underground Tunnel in Eagle Pass

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Operation Lone Star Strikes Again: Troopers Discover Tunnel Used by Illegal Immigrants

Eagle Pass, Texas – In a significant breakthrough, Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) Troopers discovered a makeshift underground tunnel beneath razor wire and shipping containers at Shelby Park, unearthing a daring escape route employed by illegal immigrants. The discovery was made during a routine patrol as part of Operation Lone Star, a collaborative effort to enhance border security.

The tunnel, ingeniously concealed beneath the ground, allowed unauthorized individuals to bypass traditional apprehension measures and make their way into the country undetected. The troopers swiftly responded to the situation, arresting six illegal immigrants for criminal trespass as they emerged from the tunnel.

“Operation Lone Star continues to demonstrate the tireless dedication of our troopers in safeguarding our borders,” said Captain Maria Sanchez, spokesperson for the Texas DPS. “The discovery of this underground tunnel serves as a stark reminder of the constant ingenuity employed by those attempting to circumvent our immigration laws.”

The arrested individuals, whose identities have not been disclosed pending further investigation, were immediately taken into custody. The troopers also worked in coordination with federal immigration authorities to ensure appropriate legal proceedings are followed.

Shelby Park, known for its scenic beauty and recreational facilities, has become an unexpected hotspot for illegal immigration attempts. The discovery of the tunnel has raised concerns about the extent of the network facilitating such activities and the need for heightened vigilance.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott commended the DPS troopers for their dedication and urged continued efforts to secure the state’s border. “This operation is a testament to the relentless commitment of our law enforcement officers in combating illegal immigration,” Governor Abbott stated. “We will leave no stone unturned in our pursuit of those who undermine the integrity of our borders.”

Operation Lone Star, a multi-agency initiative launched earlier this year, aims to combat illegal immigration and human trafficking across the Texas-Mexico border. The recent discovery of the underground tunnel underscores the ongoing challenges faced by law enforcement agencies as they work to secure the border and maintain public safety.

As investigations into the underground tunnel continue, authorities remain vigilant, adapting their strategies to counter evolving tactics employed by individuals seeking illegal entry into the United States. The discovery serves as a testament to the unwavering commitment of Texas DPS Troopers in safeguarding the state’s border and upholding the rule of law.

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