Maverick County Resident Expresses Concern About Long Wait Times at Tax Assessor Collector’s Office

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Resident Voices Frustration with Long Wait Times

A Maverick County resident is expressing frustration with long wait times at the Tax Assessor Collector’s Office. The resident, who wished to remain anonymous, said she went to the office on Friday to take care of some business and ended up having to wait outside for close to three hours.

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The resident said she tried to speak with the Tax Assessor Asalia Casares, but was told that she was not available. She then asked when she could meet with Ms. Casares, but was told that Ms. Casares is rarely, if ever, in her office.

Tax Assessor Asalia Casares Rarely Available to Meet with Residents

The resident is concerned about the long wait times and the lack of access to the Maverick County Tax Assessor/Collector. She said she believes that this is a serious problem that needs to be addressed.

The Maverick County Tax Assessor/Collector’s Office has not yet responded to requests for comment as of the time of this publishing.

Source: Maverick County Resident

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