Texas State Reps Call for New Leadership After House Reps Continue to Not Show Up for Work Again

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Tinderhold Calls for New Leadership

Texas State Rep Tinderhold has posted a video on Twitter calling for new leadership after House Reps continue to not show up for work. He says that Texas taxpayers foot the bill for per diem whether the representatives show up or not. Dade Phelan, Speaker of the House was heavily criticized by the group of State Reps: Rep. Steve Thot, Rep. Nate Schatzline, Rep. Brain E. Harrison and Rep. Tony Tinderhold.

The group of State Reps seem to share the same thoughts about House Speaker Dade Phelan, calling him out as Liberal Leadership.

Texas House Reps Continue to Not Show Up for Work

This is not the first time that Texas House Reps have not shown up for work. In 2021, they failed to pass a number of important bills, including a bill to fund public education. This continues to plague the Texas House and now these four State Reps are publicly calling out their their colleagues.

Taxpayers Foot the Bill for No-Shows

Texas taxpayers pay $221 per day for each House Rep, regardless of whether they show up for work or not. This means that taxpayers are paying thousands of dollars per day for House Reps who are not doing their jobs according to the State Rep’s video.

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