Coach Prime Loses Colorado’s Dylan Edwards to Kansas State

Dylan Edwards3
Dylan Edwards of the Buffaloes carries the ball against the Colorado State Rams at Folsom Field on Sept. 16, 2023, in Boulder. (Dustin Bradford/Getty Images)

Deion Sanders has made headlines for his active use of the transfer portal to reshape the Colorado Buffaloes football team since his arrival in Boulder. However, the dynamic coach recently experienced the flip side of this strategy. Dylan Edwards, Colorado’s leading rusher last season, has transferred to Kansas State, a move confirmed by ESPN and officially announced by the Wildcats on Monday.

Last season, Edwards demonstrated his versatility and play-making skills on the field, rushing for 321 yards on 76 carries with one touchdown. He also made significant contributions as a receiver, catching 36 passes for 299 yards and scoring four touchdowns. With three years of eligibility left, Edwards’ decision to switch teams is particularly significant for both programs.

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The move is not just a strategic shift for Edwards but also a personal one. His father, Leon Edwards, played for Kansas State from 1992 to 1994, making the Wildcats a meaningful choice for the young athlete. Dylan seemed to embrace this new chapter, expressing his gratitude towards Colorado and its community in a heartfelt post on X, stating, “Thank You Colorado, Appreciate all the love and support! Very Humbled and Very Thankful.”

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Edwards’ transfer comes at a time of change for Kansas State as well. Avery Johnson is stepping up as the starting quarterback after last year’s starter, Will Howard, moved to Ohio State. This shift indicates a potentially revamped offense that Kansas State fans can look forward to in the coming season.

This transfer is a testament to the ongoing impact of the transfer portal in college football, offering players opportunities to realign their careers with personal and professional goals while also posing challenges for programs that lose key players. As the Buffaloes adjust to this loss, Kansas State gains a talented player with a legacy connection, possibly boosting their lineup for the next season.

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Source: Fox News

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