Texas’s Drastic Measures Lead to a Significant Decrease in Illegal Crossings

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Explore the significant impact of Texas’s border security measures in Eagle Pass, where former President Trump witnessed a 99% decrease in illegal crossings, highlighting the state’s proactive approach against the Biden administration’s policies.

In a striking demonstration of state action against illegal immigration, former President Donald Trump visited Eagle Pass, Texas, to witness firsthand the dramatic results of Texas’s initiatives against the Biden administration’s border policies. An 11-page report titled “DJT Brief,” obtained by the Washington Examiner, was presented during Trump’s visit, showcasing a staggering 99% decrease in illegal crossings in the area.

In December 2023, the Eagle Pass area faced a surge in illegal immigration, with up to 4,000 people crossing the border illegally each day. However, after Texas authorities took decisive actions, including the installation of concertina wire and increased National Guard presence, illegal crossings plummeted. On January 11, Texas National Guard soldiers took over a critical 2 1/2-mile stretch of the border, resulting in a drastic reduction to an average of eight illegal immigrants apprehended per day in February 2024.

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The state’s proactive approach was not limited to Eagle Pass. With the appointment of former Border Patrol official Mike Banks as the state’s border czar in January 2023, Texas has significantly strengthened its Operation Lone Star border security initiative. Efforts have included the deployment of concertina wire, advancement of border wall projects, and installation of anti-climb panels, reflecting a commitment to securing the border reminiscent of a “military operation,” as described by Trump.

This assertive stance has not been without controversy. The sealing off of city land and exclusion of federal authorities from areas like Shelby Park has ignited legal and political battles. The Biden administration’s challenge to Texas’s measures, particularly concerning the concertina wire and floating buoys in the Rio Grande, underscores the tension between state and federal approaches to border security.

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House Majority Leader Steve Scalise (R-LA) criticized the Biden administration’s legal actions against Texas’s border security measures, questioning the commitment to resolving the border crisis. Meanwhile, the White House and DHS have remained largely silent on the effectiveness of Texas’s strategies and the ongoing legal disputes.

Texas’s initiatives have led to a noticeable shift in migration patterns, with a significant number of illegal crossings moving from Texas to California and Arizona. This redirection underscores the complex dynamics of border security and the challenge of achieving a cohesive national strategy.

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As the legal and political battles continue, the effectiveness of Texas’s measures in reducing illegal crossings stands as a testament to the state’s determination to address the issue on its own terms. The situation in Eagle Pass and the broader implications for U.S. border policy remain a focal point of national debate, reflecting the ongoing struggle to balance security, humanitarian concerns, and federal-state relations in the quest to manage illegal immigration effectively.

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