Undocumented Immigrant Arrested in Lizabeth Medina Murder Case

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16 year old Lizbeth Medina and her alleged murderer Undocumented Immigrant Rafael Govea Romero

Community collaboration leads to the arrest of an undocumented immigrant, Rafael Govea Romero in the Lizabeth Medina murder case. A significant step towards justice in Edna.

In a collaborative effort involving the community, friends, and family, the Edna Police Department and Texas Rangers successfully apprehended the person responsible for the death of Lizabeth Medina on Saturday, December 9th, 2023.

16 Year old Lizbeth Medina

Community Collaboration Leads to Apprehension

In a significant breakthrough, the Edna Police Department, alongside the Texas Rangers, successfully apprehended the suspect behind the tragic death of Lizabeth Medina. The arrest, made possible through community, friends, and family support, signals a crucial step in resolving the case.

Following an intensive investigation, law enforcement identified the alleged perpetrator as RAFAEL GOVEA ROMERO, an undocumented male. Located in Schulenburg, Romero was swiftly arrested for Capital Murder and transported to the Jackson County Jail, closing in on justice for Lizabeth Medina.

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Undocumented Suspect Captured in Schulenburg

On December 9th, 2023, the collaborative efforts of the community, friends, and family, supported by the Edna Police Department and Texas Rangers, culminated in the arrest of RAFAEL GOVEA ROMERO. This key development signifies progress in the case and provides a measure of relief to the citizens of Edna.

While the arrest of Romero is a significant stride towards justice, the reality of Lizabeth’s tragic loss is acknowledged. Friends and family, as well as the community at large, are encouraged to extend their support during this difficult time. The resolution of the case, although vital, does not diminish the grief experienced by those close to Lizabeth Medina.

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Source: Edna Police Department

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