Texas House Impeachment Expenditures Still A Mystery

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Audit Request and Unequal Responses

Texas House impeachment expenditures still a mystery. Eighty days since the Texas House was instructed to provide their expenses in the impeachment trial against Attorney General Ken Paxton, Speaker Dade Phelan has yet to comply. Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, who requested an audit of both chambers’ expenses after the trial, expresses concern over the delayed response from the Texas House. The House’s hiring of high-profile attorneys at taxpayers’ expense raises questions about transparency and accountability.

Following Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick’s request for an audit of expenses incurred by the Texas House, the Senate, and the Office of the Attorney General, discrepancies in responses have emerged. While the Senate promptly responded within the stipulated time, the House’s failure to do so raises questions about accountability in the use of taxpayer dollars.

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Costly Legal Team and Calls for Transparency

Eighty days on, the Texas House, led by Speaker Dade Phelan, is yet to provide the expenses incurred during the impeachment trial against Attorney General Ken Paxton. While the Senate and the Office of the Attorney General promptly disclosed their expenditures, the House’s silence prompts concerns about transparency.

The House’s decision to hire prominent Houston attorneys Dick DeGuerin and Rusty Hardin at $500 per hour for the impeachment trial has come under scrutiny. Lawmakers and Lt. Gov. Patrick express concerns about the transparency of these expenditures and question whether taxpayers might be burdened with millions.

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Lt. Gov. Patrick said that he is not going to let the matter go away because Texans deserve an accounting of the costs. “If the House doesn’t turn over all records relating to the total cost of the trial for them by December 31, 2023, I will take it to the next level,” said Patrick. “I can assure our taxpayers I will get to the bottom of this.”

Attorney General Ken Paxton adds that voters “deserve to know” how much the “sham impeachment” cost the state. “It’s been 80 days since Dade Phelan has refused to release those figures,” said Paxton. “Dade Phelan has embarrassed himself, his Republican colleagues, and the state of Texas. It’s time for him to release the figures and resign.”

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Source: Texas Scorecard

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