Eagle Pass Immigration Crisis

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Mayor Rolando Salinas speaks out on the Eagle Pass immigration crisis, urging community action as hundreds cross the border illegally.

Mayor Salinas Raises Concerns Over Border Surge

Mayor Rolando Salinas of Eagle Pass, Texas, has sounded the alarm regarding the ongoing immigration crisis affecting the city. Expressing frustration over the increasing influx of individuals crossing the border illegally, the Mayor called attention to a recent incident where he witnessed over 200 individuals being apprehended in his neighborhood by Border Patrol and local law enforcement.

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Federal Inaction Sparks Mayor’s Plea for Change

In a fervent plea, Mayor Salinas highlighted the lack of effective federal measures to address the escalating crisis, emphasizing the strain it places on the community. He urged the Federal Government, specifically DHS Secretary Mayorkas, to take substantive action and implement immigration reforms to mitigate the impact Eagle Pass is enduring due to the surge at the border.

Amid growing frustration, Mayor Salinas emphasized the urgent need for the community to unite and demand change, voicing concerns over the ongoing challenges faced by the city in handling the influx of illegal crossings.

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The Mayor’s call for action follows a string of incidents, including his recent observation of an overwhelming number of individuals unlawfully entering Eagle Pass through neighborhoods. His impassioned plea seeks to draw attention to the plight of the community and pressure authorities to address the pressing immigration crisis.

As Mayor Salinas continues to advocate for federal intervention and immigration reform, the community’s solidarity and demand for change stand as crucial elements in navigating the challenging situation Eagle Pass faces amidst the border surge.

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