DHS Secretary Mayorkas Confronts Soaring Immigration Crisis


DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas tackles the soaring immigration crisis, witnessing staggering overcrowding in Texas and Arizona sectors. Explore exclusive internal data and unprecedented measures amidst the escalating situation.

In the tumultuous landscape of US immigration, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary, Alejandro Mayorkas, gears up for an on-ground assessment of the escalating crisis. Scheduled for a Wednesday visit to the Del Rio sector in Texas, Mayorkas seeks firsthand insights into the unprecedented surge in illegal immigrant numbers—internal data, exclusively obtained by the Daily Caller News Foundation, reveals a staggering 169% capacity in the sector’s custody.

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DHS Secretary’s Directive: Grappling With Soaring Numbers

Accompanied by Border Patrol Chief Jason Owens, Mayorkas aims to delve into the harrowing situation, engaging directly with agents to glean critical operational updates. However, the magnitude of the issue transcends the Del Rio sector alone. According to the exclusive data, Arizona’s Tucson sector grapples with a distressing 175% capacity, mirroring the alarming nationwide scenario at 90% capacity.

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Overwhelmed Borders: Unprecedented Measures and Disturbing Closures

The echoes of this immigration surge reverberate far beyond mere statistics. Eagle Pass, Texas, nestled within the Del Rio sector, stands witness to a significant uptick in illegal crossings, compelling the shutdown of a port dedicated to vehicle inspections. Moreover, the situation extends to the Tucson sector, as revealed by internal agency communications secured by the DCNF. Training activities stand canceled, vehicle checkpoints remain closed, and the sector has abruptly halted its social media updates.

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Unveiling Unprecedented Tactics Amidst Unrelenting Pressure

As the immigration turmoil intensifies, the DHS adopts unconventional strategies to cope. Internal memos obtained by the DCNF disclose an unusual call-to-action for northern and coastal border agents. They are summoned to bolster their southern counterparts by enhancing virtual processing of migrants post their illegal entry from Mexico—a testament to the magnitude of the crisis and the urgent need for a multifaceted response.

In the wake of this revelation, Mayorkas’ visit assumes heightened significance—a critical examination of an overwhelmed system battling against an unprecedented inflow of immigrants.

Source: Daily Caller

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