Google Accused of Influencing 2024 Election by Suppressing Search Results

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Report by Conservative Media Research Center Finds Biased Results Favoring Democrats

A new report by the Media Research Center (MRC), a conservative media watchdog group, has accused Google of influencing the 2024 election by suppressing search results for Republican candidates and Robert F. Kennedy Jr., a former Democrat who has switched to being an independent.

The report, which was released on Tuesday, found that Google’s search results for “presidential campaign websites” did not include the websites of several Republican candidates, including former President Donald Trump and Senator Ted Cruz. The report also found that Google’s search results for “Robert F. Kennedy Jr.” did not include links to his website or social media pages.

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The MRC’s report has been met with skepticism by some, who argue that the group is known for its conservative bias. However, the report has also raised concerns about Google’s potential to influence elections.

Google has denied the allegations in the MRC report. In a statement to the Daily Caller, a Google spokesperson said, “We work hard to provide users with the most relevant and helpful results, regardless of their political views. Our search results are based on a number of factors, including the relevance of the content, the quality of the websites, and the user’s location and search history.”

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However, Google has a history of being accused of bias in its search results. In 2016, Trump accused Google of manipulating search results to favor Hillary Clinton. In 2021, the Daily Mail Online sued Google for allegedly manipulating news search results.

The MRC’s report is the latest in a series of allegations about Google’s potential to influence elections. It remains to be seen whether these allegations will have any impact on Google’s business or the 2024 election.

Source: The Leading Report

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