Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Denied Secret Service Protection

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Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., the Democratic presidential candidate, has been denied Secret Service protection by the Biden administration.

The denial came in a letter from Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, dated July 21 and received by Kennedy’s campaign on July 27. The letter stated that Mayorkas had determined that Secret Service protection was “not warranted at this time.”

Kennedy’s campaign manager, Dennis Kucinich, called the decision “shocking and repugnant.” He said that it was “obviously a political decision, not a legal one.”

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Kucinich also said that it was “absolutely implausible” that President Biden was not consulted by Mayorkas on the decision. He said that Biden is “now to be held personally accountable” for denying Kennedy Secret Service protection.

Kucinich concluded by saying that the Biden administration has “clearly politicized the once-independent Justice Department and security apparatus.”

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The denial of Secret Service protection to Kennedy is a significant development in the 2024 presidential election. It raises questions about the Biden administration’s commitment to protecting all candidates, regardless of their political affiliation.

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