Elon Musk Visits Eagle Pass to See Border Crisis Firsthand

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Mayor Salinas Discusses Concerns with Tesla CEO

Elon Musk visited Eagle Pass, Texas, on Thursday to see the border crisis firsthand. He met with Mayor Rolando Salinas and discussed the city’s concerns. Eagle Pass has been the center of the Texas Border Crisis, seeing thousands of migrants daily.

Salinas said that Musk’s visit was a positive step and would help to shed light on the serious situation at the border. Musk live streamed two videos as he spoke with local law enforcement officials.

“The reason for his visit was him wanting to see first hand the situation on the border,” Salinas said in a Facebook post. “He heard the concerns from myself as the Mayor of Eagle Pass. The good thing is that his visit alone will shed light on the serious situation we have on the border.”

Musk has previously spoken out about the border crisis, calling it a “humanitarian crisis.” He has also offered to help address the issue, but has not provided any specific details.

It is not clear what Musk plans to do after his visit to Eagle Pass. However, his visit is expected to raise awareness of the border crisis and put pressure on the Biden administration to take action.

Source: Mayor Rolando Salinas

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