Maverick County Judge Responds to Commissioner Morales’ Claims About Emergency Declaration

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Judge English Cantu Says He Has Issued Two Emergency Declarations for Immigration Crisis

Maverick County Judge Ramsey English Cantu has responded to Commissioner Morales’ claims that he has not yet declared an emergency for the ongoing immigration crisis.

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In a Facebook post, Judge Cantu said that he has issued two emergency declarations, one on August 16, 2023, and another for the 2024 fiscal year. He accused Morales of either not reading the agenda items, not caring what he signs, or intentionally misleading the people of the community.

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Judge Cantu said that the county’s court systems have been processing thousands of cases filed by the county and district prosecutors, and that the county continues to work with local, state, and federal law enforcement officials to address the crisis.

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“We have work to do as a Border,” Cantu wrote. “But one voice can only go so far. But collectively we can get a message across.”

Source: Maverick County Judge Cantu Official Facebook

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