Republican Party of Ellis County Passes Censure Against House Speaker Dade Phelan

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Resolution Highlights Opposition to Republican Party Principles and Committee Appointments

Following the lead of the Republican Party of Orange County in censuring State House Speaker Dade Phelan last month, the Republican Party of Ellis County has officially passed their own censure.

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In a decisive vote of 24-1, the resolution aims to address Phelan’s record of opposing core principles upheld by the Republican Party of Texas. The Ellis County GOP specifically calls out Phelan for assigning committee chairmanships to Democrats, a practice in contrast to the Texas GOP’s stance, which encourages legislators to cease such practices.

The censure resolution outlines multiple instances where Phelan’s actions conflicted with the party’s principles, specifically highlighting the appointment of nine Democrats to committee chairmanships. Among these appointments were Democrat State Representatives such as Oscar Longoria, Abel Herrero, and Victoria Neave.

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The resolution asserts that these appointments have led to a violation of eight out of the 12 core principles of the Republican Party of Texas. Moreover, the resolution condemns Phelan for his role in allowing House Bill 20 to perish. The bill aimed to establish a state-controlled Border Protection Unit for handling illegal border crossings.

Should the resolution gain concurrence from the Republican Party of Texas, it would result in the party refraining from allocating funds towards Phelan’s re-election campaign. Notably, potential candidates, including former Orange County Republican Chairman David Covey, have begun announcing their campaigns against Phelan.

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As the Texas Republican primary date approaches on March 5, 2024, the censure resolution adds a layer of complexity to Phelan’s re-election efforts and underscores the internal party dynamics shaping the upcoming election.

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