Eagle Pass Reclaims Public Park: Mayor Salinas Explains Decision Change

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The Reversal: City Takes Back Control from State Authorities

In a significant turn of events, the City of Eagle Pass, Texas, has made a determined effort to reclaim ownership of a public park from the state. The city’s initial decision had allowed the Department of Public Safety (DPS) to take over the park, leading to the pursuit of trespassing charges against undocumented immigrants. However, after careful consideration and internal deliberations, Eagle Pass has now reversed that decision.

Mayor Salinas Addresses the Tough Choice and New Information

Mayor Rolando Salinas Jr. candidly admitted that this was a challenging decision, not only for himself but also for the City Council, which comprises several qualified individuals he deeply respects. Following the decision reversal, we had an exclusive conversation with Mayor Salinas to understand the reasons behind the change of heart.

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A single piece of paper sent shockwaves through the community, the issue became a focal point in this Texas border town. Eagle Pass City Council conducted a meeting Mayor Salinas emphasized the complexities of governance, stating, “We’re not elected to make easy decisions all the time. Sometimes, decisions are hard.” Indeed, the matter became contentious over a month ago when the Mayor declared Shelby Park as private property, enabling DPS to enforce criminal trespassing charges.

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Upon further inquiry, Mayor Salinas cited receiving new information since the initial decision, which had raised concerns. Reporter Amanda Henderson probed, “What is that information?” to which the Mayor responded, “There were allegations after the affidavit of some allegations of inhumane treatments.”

One key question that arose was the timeline for DPS to leave Shelby Park, considering the city’s website now lists daily rentals at $1,000. In response, Mayor Salinas explained that he would collaborate with legal counsel and the city manager to draft the necessary paperwork rescinding the affidavit. However, he also acknowledged DPS’s autonomy, saying, “DPS ultimately, I think they’re going to do what they want to do.”

The crucial statement that triggered the city’s decision was when state authorities installed a gate and boat ramp without the Mayor’s consent. He firmly asserted, “Don’t install that gate. And they installed it.”

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This episode has illuminated the complexities of governance in the face of conflicting state and federal mandates. As the community awaits further developments, the city’s move to reclaim control of the public park will undoubtedly be an ongoing topic of discussion.

Source: Fox 29

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