Texas DPS Rescues Abandoned Guatemalan Migrant Children at Texas Border

TXDPS smuggled children

Troopers Save Two Children Left to Cross Rio Grande River Alone

Eagle Pass, Texas – In a harrowing incident near the Texas border, Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) troopers successfully rescued two abandoned migrant children from Guatemala. The children, aged 8 and 11, were found alone at the edge of the treacherous Rio Grande River on Monday morning.

According to Lt. Chris Olivarez, the spokesperson for Texas DPS, the children informed troopers that an adult female had left them at the river’s edge in Mexico and instructed them to cross. This distressing revelation sheds light on the plight of minors who are frequently exploited and abandoned in dangerous situations while being smuggled across the border.

The spokesperson further disclosed that Texas DPS personnel have already recovered over 900 children in various smuggling and trafficking-related events. These alarming figures underscore the ongoing challenges faced by authorities in their efforts to combat human smuggling and protect vulnerable migrant children.

This rescue operation comes at a time when waves of migrants continue to cross into the United States illegally, often relying on human smugglers with their lives at stake. The expiration of Title 42 in May, a policy implemented in March 2020 allowing for the rapid expulsion of migrants due to the COVID-19 pandemic, has heightened concerns about a new surge of migrants at the border, exacerbating an already unprecedented crisis.

The Border Patrol recorded a staggering increase in apprehensions, with more than 10,000 migrants being detained per day in the two days preceding the expiration of Title 42. These numbers represent the highest single-day totals ever recorded, emphasizing the magnitude of the ongoing challenges faced by border enforcement agencies.

The rescue of these abandoned Guatemalan children highlights the urgent need for comprehensive solutions to address the complex issues surrounding migration at the southern border. As authorities work tirelessly to safeguard the lives of vulnerable individuals, the broader questions of border security, immigration policies, and the underlying causes of mass migration must be tackled on multiple fronts.

As the situation unfolds, the Texas DPS remains committed to its mission of ensuring public safety, while continuing to provide critical assistance to those in need. The harrowing experiences endured by these two young children serve as a stark reminder of the human cost associated with the ongoing border crisis, urging policymakers to seek viable and sustainable solutions to protect the welfare of all involved.

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