Late-Night Pursuit Ends in Rollover

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10 Suspected Illegal Aliens Escape Capture

Kinney County, TX – A late-night pursuit on the tail end of last week concluded with a harrowing rollover incident, as 10 suspected illegal aliens managed to escape capture, leaving law enforcement officers grappling with a challenging search operation. Deputy Molinar, who was involved in the pursuit, recounted the gripping details of the incident that unfolded on Ranch Road 1908 and Las Moras Road—known smuggling hotspots in the county.

The pursuit commenced under the cover of darkness, adding an element of danger to the already tense situation. Deputy Molinar and his team found themselves engaged in a high-speed chase, aiming to apprehend a vehicle suspected of carrying illegal aliens. However, as the pursuit neared its climax, the situation took a dramatic turn.

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In an unexpected twist, the pursued vehicle veered off the road, careening into a rollover, causing chaos and confusion. As the dust settled, Deputy Molinar discovered that the 10 suspected illegal aliens and their driver had swiftly bailed out of the overturned vehicle. Despite the violent nature of the rollover, it appeared that none of the individuals involved sustained injuries.

The vast expanse of the surrounding brush and the cloak of darkness worked in favor of the fleeing individuals. With their quick exit, they effortlessly disappeared into the rugged terrain, leaving Deputy Molinar and his team facing the daunting task of locating and apprehending them. Given the history of smuggling activities in the area, the incident served as a stark reminder of the persistent challenges faced by law enforcement agencies in the county.

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Ranch Road 1908 and Las Moras Road have long been notorious as smuggling hotspots, facilitating the illicit movement of individuals across the border. The remote nature of these roads provides cover and anonymity for criminal networks involved in human smuggling operations.

Following the rollover incident, an extensive search operation was launched, involving multiple agencies collaborating to track down the escaped individuals. However, despite concerted efforts, none of the 10 suspected illegal aliens were captured at the time of reporting.

Deputy Molinar emphasized the need for continued vigilance and enhanced border security measures to combat smuggling activities in Kinney County. He expressed concerns over the recurring incidents in the area and called for increased resources and support to tackle the persistent challenges faced by law enforcement officers.

As the investigation continues, law enforcement agencies remain committed to ensuring the safety and security of the community by diligently addressing smuggling activities and apprehending those responsible for exploiting vulnerable individuals.

In the wake of this gripping late-night pursuit and rollover, the incident serves as a stark reminder of the ongoing struggle to combat illegal immigration and the complexities faced by law enforcement agencies in securing the border.

Source: KCSO Facebook Page

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