DeSantis Unveils Border Security Plans in Eagle Pass, Texas

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Governor DeSantis and Congressman Roy team up to tackle border crisis and illegal immigration

EAGLE PASS, TX – In a pivotal campaign stop for his presidential bid, Governor Ron DeSantis unveiled his comprehensive border security plans, with Congressman Chip Roy lending his support to the ambitious endeavor. The event shed light on the dire consequences of the ongoing border crisis, emphasizing its impact beyond the states traditionally associated with the issue.

Speaking passionately to a crowd of supporters, Chip Roy addressed the profound suffering and tragic loss of life resulting from the uncontrolled influx of illegal immigrants across the border. Roy lauded DeSantis for his proactive approach, highlighting the governor’s decision to deploy Florida National Guard troops and law enforcement personnel to assist Texas in bolstering border security efforts.

Taking the stage amidst thunderous applause, Governor DeSantis wasted no time in driving home the significance of the border crisis as an American problem, rather than one confined to specific border states like Texas or Arizona. He pointed out the ripple effects of this crisis, ranging from the deadly fentanyl poisoning epidemic to the rampant illegal immigration impacting numerous states across the nation. Furthermore, DeSantis underscored the alarming fact that individuals from all corners of the world, including potential terrorists, were unlawfully crossing the southern border.

DeSantis offered a shocking example of the exploitation prevalent within the border crisis, revealing how children were being rented out as part of false family units to exploit federal loopholes and facilitate illegal entry into the United States. He commended Texas for its past legislative efforts to combat this issue, emphasizing the importance of preventing the formation of false family units.

On the topic of asylum, DeSantis voiced his concerns over the current abuse of the system. While affirming support for legitimate asylum cases, he expressed his determination to curtail the abuse through executive orders and collaboration with Chip Roy to enact effective legislation.

Highlighting his strong stance on immigration enforcement, DeSantis asserted that if the federal government failed to fulfill its responsibilities, states should have the authority to step in and deport individuals. As president, he pledged to fully deputize states and local jurisdictions with federal immigration authority. In a stern warning to sanctuary states, DeSantis vowed to use forceful measures, such as cutting off federal funding, to address their noncompliance.

Drawing attention to the brazen actions of drug cartels, who were brazenly cutting through the steel border wall, DeSantis likened such intrusions to a direct assault on the sanctity of one’s home. He affirmed his policy of employing necessary force against anyone tampering with the border wall, denouncing the situation at the border as a humiliating affront to the territorial integrity of the nation.

During the audience Q&A session, DeSantis was asked whether he considered the ongoing influx an act of war. In a resolute response, he acknowledged the severity of the crisis and supported the notion that Texas had the right to declare it an invasion and take necessary actions to repel it.

The conversation shifted briefly to the topic of vaccine mandates, where DeSantis revealed that he had convened the legislature to ban all vaccine mandates, including those imposed by private businesses.

Addressing the fentanyl crisis, DeSantis outlined Florida’s efforts to combat the drug epidemic. Measures such as imposing life imprisonment for dealers whose products cause the death of minors and promoting a wider range of treatment options demonstrated his commitment to tackling the issue both from a supply reduction and rehabilitation perspective.

Amidst the discussion, a concerned attendee raised the alarming issue of abandoned and vulnerable children at the border. DeSantis acknowledged that the border crisis had witnessed some of the most egregious atrocities imaginable, further underscoring the urgent need for border security and protection.

DeSantis’ bold border security plans and unwavering commitment to addressing the pressing issues plaguing the nation, the Governor has demonstrated his potential as a strong contender in the upcoming presidential race. As the campaign trail unfolds, the nation will closely watch the impact of his proposals and the support he garners from both voters and fellow politicians.

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