Low Voter Turnout Plagues 2023 City of Eagle Pass Elections

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The City of Eagle Pass, Texas has just completed its 2023 City Council elections, and the results are in. However, the total number of votes cast is raising eyebrows among political analysts, given the low turnout compared to the previous elections in 2021.

In 2021, a total of 4,957 votes were cast. However, in the recently concluded 2023 elections, only 1,424 votes were cast, marking a 3,533 vote difference. The low voter turnout has been attributed to various factors, including voter apathy and a lack of interest in local politics.

The City Council Place 1 race saw Sandy Sassano receive 263 votes, Marino Flores receive 83 votes, and incumbent William “Billy” Davis receive 1,384 votes, representing 75% of the vote total. Davis wins Place 1 without the need for a run-off.

In the City Council Place 3 race, Mario E. Garcia emerged victorious with 826 votes, representing 59% of the total vote. Ricardo Lopez received 209 votes or 14% of the vote total, Ana Laura Herrera received 213 votes or 15% of the vote total, and Ruben Camarillo received 152 votes or 10% of the total vote. Garcia won without the need for a run-off, clearing the 50% plus one votes threshold.

Proposition one, which modified the ordinance that dictates the number of terms City Councilmen and the Mayor can serve, which would allow candidates to stay extended periods of times on City Council, received 896 votes or 74% of the vote total, passing with a significant margin.

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