Seven Killed in Vehicle Incident Outside Texas Migrant Shelter

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On Sunday morning, a tragic incident took place near the Ozanam Center in Brownsville, resulting in the death of seven people. According to the Brownsville Police Department, it appears that the victims were intentionally run over by a motorist. The FBI has been brought in to assist with the investigation.

The incident occurred at around 8:30 a.m. at the intersection of Minnesota Road and North Bernal Road, in front of the Ozanam Center, which is a shelter for migrants and the homeless. One of the victims, Luis Herrera, said that he and his friends were waiting at a bus stop when a gray Range Rover suddenly crashed into them.

“We were going to the airport and it happened unexpectedly because a woman in a car passed by and advised us to separate and moments later the killer was coming in the car gesturing and insulting us,” Herrera recounted.

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Unfortunately, seven victims died at the scene, and another ten were taken to hospitals in the area. The driver was arrested on charges of reckless driving, but Lt. Martin Sandoval said more charges are likely to be filed. It is looking more and more like an intentional act. A woman who drove by the scene reported seeing several bodies covered on the road, as well as another victim being taken into an ambulance. She also saw several people praying nearby.

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The area will remain closed for several hours to all traffic, and officers are asking drivers to find alternative routes. Our hearts go out to the victims and their families, and we hope that justice will be served.

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