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Former US President Donald Trump sparked controversy on social media once again after posting a cryptic message on his newly launched platform Truth Social. In the now-deleted post, Trump wrote “World War 3?” accompanied by a picture of a military tank.

The post was quickly shared and commented on by Trump supporters and critics alike, with many expressing concern about the possible implications of such a statement coming from a former president. Some users accused Trump of fear-mongering and spreading dangerous misinformation, while others argued that the post was simply a harmless question.

This is not the first time that Trump has caused a stir on social media. Throughout his presidency, he was known for his provocative tweets and controversial statements, which often resulted in widespread backlash and condemnation.

Trump’s latest post on Truth Social comes as the platform prepares for its official launch later this year. The platform, which bills itself as a “free speech” alternative to mainstream social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, has already attracted a large following of Trump supporters.

Despite the controversy surrounding his latest post, Trump has not commented on it publicly. However, some have speculated that the post may be an attempt to generate buzz for his new platform and attract even more users.

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