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The Maverick County Commissioners Court held a regular meeting on April 11, 2023, at 5:00 p.m. CST at the County Courthouse in Eagle Pass, Texas. The meeting was opened with the establishment of a quorum, followed by a Citizens Communications and Recognitions session.

During the Citizens Communications and Recognitions session, two proclamations were presented by the County Judge, one for Child Abuse Prevention month and another for Sexual Assault Awareness month.

The consent items discussed during the meeting included several events and initiatives that were being proposed by various commissioners. These included permission to clean up a home destroyed by fire, hosting the Precinct 3 Annual Easter Egg Hunt Event, hosting the 3rd Annual Eloy Perales Bike-A-Thon, hosting a fundraiser plate sale event, hosting the “Dia del Nino” event, and hosting an “Activity & Softball” event for all 6th grade students. All of these items were approved during the meeting.

The regular items discussed during the meeting included several employment-related items, such as hiring an administrative assistant to the County Judge, changing the employment status of Assistant Jail Administrator Josephine Guilbeau, and changing the employment status of investigators and lieutenants from the Sheriff’s Department. Additionally, the court appointed several agencies to the Maverick County Sexual assault team as mandated by Senate Bill 476 and approved a resolution of support for House Bill 1960.

The meeting also included discussions on recognizing revenue, approving an inventory of roads list, and approving a resolution regarding the Maverick County Attorney’s Office.

Overall, the meeting covered a range of topics, including community events, employment matters, and other initiatives that impact the community of Maverick County, Texas.

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