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According to a post in a Public Facebook Group “Texans For Closing The Border” Ben Binnion posted on June 18, 2022, claiming that an illegal immigrant broke into his house, ransacked it, attempted to steal items from the house and even showered while inside the house. We are uncertain if Binnion spoke to a deputy or the actual Maverick County Sheriff but he claims that they did not charge or detain the illegal individual but just simply hand him over to U.S. Border Patrol for processing.

Caught this guy on security cam breaking into my house, we weren’t home so I called LE and quickest response was BP. They detained him until I could get there and call sheriff. Sheriffs office would NOT send anyone to arrest him since he was a “UDA” and said for BP to take him. He broke into the house, trashed it, tried to steal stuff we found in his backpack, then took a shower. He was simply processed as an illegal through BP regardless of how much I complained to local sheriff. Breaking and entering, criminal mischief, theft, etc but the Sheriff wouldn’t touch him or file on him. I’m going to be posting this content daily on my page called “Brush Walkers”, I’m trying to show that this is a daily occurrence down here so go follow it to see what we deal with daily. This was Maverick County TX.

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Note: We reached out to the Maverick County Sheriff’s Office but we were not able to reach anyone since the call was after 5pm. We will continue to reach out to the sheriff’s office about this situation.

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