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Monica Rene Mendez plead guilty to 26 voter fraud felonies stemming from a mail-in ballot vote harvesting operation in a 2018 election.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton announced last week that Mendez pleaded guilty to whooping 26 voter fraud  felonies. The felonies counts are:

  • Three counts of illegal voting,
  • Eight counts of election fraud,
  • Seven counts of assisting a voter submit a ballot by mail and
  • Eight counts of unlawful possession of a mail ballot
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According to Texas Scorecard, even though Mendez was charged with 26 counts she received a sentence of five years deferred adjudication probation. As long as she complies with the court’s probation terms, the charges will be completely dismissed. The crimes were related to eight mail-in ballots in May of 2018 from a water district board election in Bloomington, a small town of two thousand residents in Victoria County.

The Texas State Secretary advised the Texas Attorney General’s Office after it was discovered that around 275 new voters registered using  the same mailing address, a post office box associated with ALMS, a subsidized housing corporation. Tenants of the housing suggested that their landlords threatened to raise rent if they did not vote for the ALMS preferred candidates.

Texas Scorecard posted that Mendez was arrested for vote harvesting in June 2021. You can read the 26 count indictment here.

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