City Council Selects Forensic Auditor for Review of 57 South Music Festival

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The Eagle Pass City Council has taken a decisive step towards uncovering the reasons behind the financial failure of the 57 South Music Festival, which resulted in a significant loss for city taxpayers. With an approximate loss of $2,350,000, the council has approved the selection of a forensic auditor to conduct a thorough review of the event’s finances.

Selection of Forensic Auditor

During a recent meeting, the City Council was presented with three proposals for forensic audit services, identified as RFQ#2024-022. The finance department presented proposals from three firms: Eide Bailly, Marcum Accountants LLP, and UHY Advisors. After careful consideration, the committee recommended awarding the contract to Eide Bailly, with the City Manager authorized to negotiate the contract terms. The council approved this recommendation, although City Councilwoman Monica Cruz was not present for the vote.

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Background of the 57 South Music Festival

The 57 South Music Festival was intended to be a highlight of the April Solar Eclipse festivities in Eagle Pass. The administration and the hired promoter, “Just 1 Management,” faced numerous challenges from the outset, including a last-minute change of venue. The original location, Shelby Park, became inaccessible due to state orders from Governor Greg Abbott. Other undisclosed issues further complicated the planning and execution of the event.

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Financial Discrepancies and Audit Objectives

The festival’s budget drastically exceeded expectations, resulting in expenditures surpassing $2.6 million. A cost and loss analysis presented to the City Council on May 7th revealed the staggering financial mismanagement. The city spent $2,667,121 on the festival, but only recovered $313,357 in revenue over the three-day event, culminating in a net loss of $2,353,764.

The audit will investigate the reasons behind the inflated budget and the substantial financial losses. The detailed expenditure report has raised significant concerns among council members and local residents, prompting calls for accountability and transparency. The forensic audit aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of the financial decisions and missteps that led to the festival’s failure.

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Community and Council Reactions

The financial debacle has left many local taxpayers baffled and outraged over the lack of fiscal oversight. There have been widespread calls for an investigation to determine if any improper conduct contributed to the financial losses. The forensic audit by Eide Bailly is expected to shed light on these concerns and help the city prevent similar issues in future events.

As the Eagle Pass City Council proceeds with the forensic audit, the focus will be on gaining a detailed insight into the mismanagement of the 57 South Music Festival. This effort is not only about accountability but also about learning from the past to ensure better financial stewardship in future city projects. The findings from the audit will be crucial in restoring public trust and ensuring that taxpayer funds are managed responsibly.

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