Green Eagle Railroad Project EIS Availability of Final Scope of Study

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The Surface Transportation Board’s (STB) Office of Environmental Analysis (OEA) has issued the Final Scope of Study for the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) concerning Green Eagle Railroad, LLC’s proposed rail line project. This rail line, spanning approximately 1.3 miles in Maverick County, Texas, is a crucial component of the broader Puerto Verde Global Trade Bridge project. This initiative aims to establish a new trade corridor for freight rail and commercial motor vehicles between Piedras Negras, Coahuila, Mexico, and Eagle Pass, Texas, United States.

Background of the Project

The Green Eagle Railroad project is an integral part of the Puerto Verde Global Trade Bridge, which seeks to enhance trade and transportation efficiency between Mexico and the United States. By constructing a 1.3-mile rail line in Maverick County, the project aims to facilitate the seamless movement of goods across the border, promoting economic growth and strengthening bilateral trade relations.

Environmental Impact Statement Process

The EIS process began with the OEA’s Notice of Intent issued on March 29, 2024. This notice invited interested parties to submit scoping comments through various channels, including electronic submissions, mail, and public scoping meetings, until April 29, 2024. The scoping process is a critical phase in environmental analysis, allowing stakeholders to provide input on the scope and content of the EIS. All comments submitted during this period have been made publicly available on the STB’s website.

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Final Scope of Study

The Final Scope of Study outlines the key areas and issues that the EIS will address. This document, now accessible on the STB’s website, incorporates feedback from the scoping process and identifies the primary environmental, social, and economic factors to be considered. The scope includes an assessment of potential impacts on local ecosystems, water resources, air quality, noise levels, and socio-economic conditions in the project area.

Accessing Information and Updates

For those interested in the project details, maps, documents, and ongoing updates, the STB has sponsored a dedicated project website at This platform provides comprehensive information about the Green Eagle Railroad project and the EIS process. Additionally, the Final Scope of Study can be directly accessed from the STB’s website or via a provided link.

Contact Information

Stakeholders and the general public with questions or requiring further information about the Green Eagle Railroad project can reach out via email at There is also a toll-free line available for inquiries at (888) 319-2337. These contact points offer direct communication channels for obtaining detailed information and addressing any concerns related to the project.

The issuance of the Final Scope of Study marks a significant milestone in the development of the Green Eagle Railroad project. By outlining the key environmental and socio-economic considerations, the OEA ensures a comprehensive evaluation of the project’s impacts. As the EIS process moves forward, continued engagement and transparency will be pivotal in addressing stakeholder concerns and advancing this important trade infrastructure initiative.

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