Former Senator Kelly Loeffler Raises $5 Million for Trump Campaign During Presidential Debate

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Atlanta, GA – On July 28, 2023, former Senator Kelly Loeffler (R-GA) hosted a significant fundraiser for the Trump campaign in Atlanta, coinciding with last night’s presidential debate. The event was a resounding success, raising an impressive $5 million for the campaign. It featured appearances by all the final contenders for the Republican Party vice presidential nomination, along with numerous high-profile Trump campaign surrogates.

A Major Event in Support of the Trump Campaign

The fundraiser, held during the highly anticipated presidential debate, underscored the robust support for former President Trump within the Republican Party. The presence of the vice presidential hopefuls and key campaign figures highlighted the importance of the event and the unified effort to bolster the campaign’s resources ahead of the 2024 election.

Senator Kelly Loeffler’s Commitment to Republican Values

Senator Kelly Loeffler, a staunch supporter of the Trump campaign, is available to discuss the reaction from Georgia to the presidential debate and the remarkable success of her fundraiser. Emphasizing the significance of the 2024 election:

“The 2024 election is one of the most consequential in our nation’s history.”

Senator Loeffler

Through her initiatives, Greater Georgia and Rally Right, Senator Loeffler is deeply committed to turning Georgia—and the entire country—Red in the upcoming November elections. Her efforts aim to mobilize and energize Republican voters, ensuring a strong turnout and support for the Trump campaign.

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