Eagle Pass Boxer Daniela “La Barbie” Reyes Earns Bronze and Top 5 Ranking at National Junior Olympics in Kansas

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Eagle Pass, TX – Daniela “La Barbie” Reyes may not have taken home the gold this time, but her stellar performance at the National Junior Olympics in Wichita, Kansas, has earned her a well-deserved bronze medal and a spot in the top 5 rankings nationwide. As the first female boxer to represent Eagle Pass, Daniela’s journey has been nothing short of inspirational.

A Challenging Fight

Competing against a 14-time national champion, Daniela faced a formidable opponent. Despite coming up short, she delivered an incredible fight, showcasing her tenacity and skill. Her performance has set a new benchmark for athletes from Eagle Pass and has made her hometown immensely proud.

Daniela is now more determined than ever to bring home the gold. With her eyes set on the next Nationals in Virginia this December, she is ready to train harder and come back stronger. Residents of Eagle Pass are encouraged to stay tuned and support Daniela as she prepares for her next big challenge.

Community Support and Gratitude

The Reyes family extends heartfelt thanks to everyone who supported and donated to make Daniela’s trip to Wichita possible. Special thanks go to Coach Salvador Pascacio and Coach Karina Pascacio, who have been in Daniela’s corner, providing unwavering support and treating her like family. This includes a big thank you to Coach Alfonso Mallen who has been working with Reyes on perfecting her craft over the past couple of years.

Daniela “La Barbie” Reyes’ achievement at the National Junior Olympics in Wichita is a testament to her hard work and the strong community backing her. As she aims for gold in the upcoming Nationals, Eagle Pass stands united in support of their hometown hero.

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