Texas Republicans Oppose Speaker Dade Phelan’s Re-Election Amid Controversy Over Democrat Chairs

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A letter signed by 46 Republicans has created a significant stir in Texas politics, openly challenging the re-election of Speaker Dade Phelan. The letter underscores the dissatisfaction within the Republican ranks over Phelan’s decision to appoint Democrat Chairs, a move seen by many as a betrayal of the party’s principles.

Republican Opposition Grows

The letter, which continues to garner more signatures, expresses strong disapproval of Phelan’s leadership strategy. The signatories argue that Phelan’s reliance on Democrat support undermines the overwhelming Republican majority elected by Texans. They fear that Phelan’s position as Speaker would be compromised, with Democrats holding undue influence over legislative decisions.

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Accusations Against Phelan

Critics accuse Phelan of consistently blocking, weakening, or ignoring conservative bills during his tenure. They argue that his willingness to cooperate with Democrats has hindered the progress of conservative legislation in the House. This frustration is evident in the letter, which highlights Phelan’s alleged failure to represent the Republican majority’s interests.

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Lieutenant Governor’s Perspective

Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick, a prominent figure in Texas politics, has openly criticized Phelan’s approach. Patrick points out the contrast between the Senate and the House under Phelan’s leadership. When Patrick became Lieutenant Governor in 2015, he removed all but one Democrat Chair from the Senate, and now, the Senate operates without any Democrat Chairs. This change, according to Patrick, has enabled the Senate to pass conservative legislation without Democrat interference.

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Conservative Legislation at Risk

One of the key examples cited in the letter is the 100k homestead exemption. Despite Phelan’s attempts to block it, the exemption passed unanimously in the Senate. This example is used to illustrate how the Senate’s conservative stance contrasts sharply with the House’s approach under Phelan.

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A Call for Change

The letter emphasizes the need for a change in leadership to ensure that the Republican majority’s interests are prioritized. The signatories call for a Speaker who will not rely on Democrat support and who will advance conservative legislation without compromise.

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The Path Forward

As the opposition to Phelan’s re-election grows, the future of his leadership hangs in the balance. The letter has ignited a debate about the direction of the Republican Party in Texas and the kind of leadership it needs to uphold conservative values.

The controversy surrounding Speaker Dade Phelan’s re-election reflects deeper divisions within the Texas Republican Party. As more Republicans voice their opposition, the outcome of this internal conflict will shape the future of the party’s legislative agenda in Texas. The push for a new Speaker underscores a broader call for unity and a stronger commitment to conservative principles.

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