Maverick County Deputies Honored with Life Saving Commendation Medal

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Two dedicated law enforcement officers from Maverick County were honored for their exceptional service and commitment to the community. Deputy Constable Gabriel Serrano of Precinct 1 and Deputy Constable Enrique Santos of Precinct 4 received the prestigious Life Saving Commendation Medal, a recognition that highlights their courage and dedication to safeguarding the lives of residents in their jurisdiction.

Justice of the Peace Pct. 1, Kina Mancha, who hosted the ceremony, expressed her deep appreciation for the deputies’ efforts. “Today I had the honor and privilege to recognize Deputy Constable Gabriel Serrano and Deputy Constable Enrique Santos for their dedication and unselfishness to protect our Precinct but most of all our Community of Maverick County,” she stated in a post. The commendation is a testament to the bravery and quick thinking exhibited by the deputies in critical situations that could have otherwise resulted in tragic outcomes.

The ceremony, attended by family members, fellow officers, and community leaders, served as a reminder of the vital role that law enforcement plays in maintaining safety and security. Justice Mancha added, “Thank you and all law enforcement that protect and put your lives each and every day on the line. Dios los proteje y cuide siempre. Gracias,” emphasizing the daily risks taken by officers to ensure community safety.

The Life Saving Commendation Medal is awarded to officers who have acted with exemplary bravery and presence of mind. For Deputy Constables Serrano and Santos, the recognition underscores their ongoing commitment to their duties and the significant impact of their actions on the lives they have touched.

The community’s support and the recognition of these heroes not only boost the morale of the officers but also strengthen the bonds between the community and law enforcement. As Maverick County continues to thrive, the bravery and dedication of officers like Serrano and Santos ensure that it remains a safe place for all residents.

This event not only celebrates the achievements of these distinguished deputies but also serves as an inspiration to others in law enforcement to continue their commitment to service, protection, and above all, the preservation of human life.

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