Eagle Pass City Team Honors Military Commanders at Camp Charlie Luncheon

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In a gesture of gratitude and partnership, the City of Eagle Pass leadership, led by City Manager Homero Balderas, attended a significant luncheon at Camp Charlie, where they celebrated the collaboration between city officials and military personnel stationed at the border.

During the luncheon, City Manager Balderas presented an appreciation award to Lieutenant Colonel Jeff Gilmore, the outgoing Task Force Eagle Commander. The award, bestowed on behalf of the Eagle Pass Mayor and City Councilmembers, recognized Lt. Col. Gilmore’s substantial support and contributions to the community’s safety and well-being.

The event also served as a platform to welcome Lieutenant Colonel Scott Crawford, the new incoming Task Force Eagle Commander. This transition marks a continuation of the strong cooperative efforts between the city’s administration and the military task force dedicated to border security operations.

Participants of the luncheon included members of the Florida State Guard, who work alongside the Texas State Guard as part of the joint efforts to secure the border. The presence of these units highlights the collaborative approach taken by state and local authorities to address security and community safety comprehensively.

City Manager Balderas expressed his appreciation, stating, “The City of Eagle Pass is profoundly grateful for the dedication and sacrifices of all military service members who work tirelessly to ensure our community remains safe. Today’s event is a small token of our appreciation for their continuous efforts and partnership.”

The luncheon at Camp Charlie not only reinforced the bonds between Eagle Pass and military personnel but also provided an opportunity for city leaders to engage directly with those on the frontline of national security. Such interactions are vital for maintaining strong relationships and understanding the dynamics of border security operations.

As the city looks forward to a continued partnership with Lt. Col. Crawford and his team, Eagle Pass remains committed to supporting military efforts and ensuring that the community’s safety is upheld through collaborative endeavors. This ongoing relationship exemplifies the mutual respect and support that is crucial for the success of both the city’s and the military’s objectives in the region.

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