Ruben Montemayor Gains Key Endorsement from Leeroy Euresti in Maverick County Tax Assessor Collector Runoff

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EAGLE PASS, TX — In a significant boost to his campaign, Ruben Montemayor has received the endorsement of Leeroy Euresti for the upcoming runoff election for Maverick County Tax Assessor Collector. This endorsement could tilt the scales in what has become a tightly contested race against the incumbent, Asalia Casares.

Background of the Race

In the initial election held in April, Casares narrowly edged out Montemayor, with Euresti finishing third. However, Euresti’s support base, evident from the over 1,000 votes he garnered, could now play a crucial role in the runoff. Montemayor and Casares are now poised to face off once again, but this time Montemayor is gaining momentum with increasing endorsements and support.

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Euresti’s Endorsement

Leeroy Euresti’s decision to back Montemayor could be pivotal. Euresti’s endorsement brings with it not only his personal support but potentially the transfer of his voter base to Montemayor, significantly impacting the runoff’s outcome.

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Montemayor’s Response

In response to the endorsement, Ruben Montemayor expressed his gratitude and outlined his vision for the office if elected.

“I am deeply honored to receive Leeroy Euresti’s trust and endorsement. His support reinforces our shared commitment to serve the Maverick County community effectively,” Montemayor stated. He added, “I promise to be a full-time presence at the tax office, ensuring that we meet the community’s needs efficiently and transparently.”

Ruben Montemayor, Maverick County Tax Assessor Collector candidate

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Implications for the Runoff

The endorsement signals a potentially significant shift in the dynamics of the runoff election. With Euresti’s backing, Montemayor could consolidate a larger share of the vote, posing a formidable challenge to the incumbent, Casares. As the campaign intensifies, both candidates are expected to ramp up their efforts to secure every possible vote.

As the community of Maverick County prepares to return to the polls, the endorsement from a former contender like Euresti underscores the importance of alliances in local elections and could be a decisive factor in determining the next tax assessor collector. Montemayor’s commitment to being a full-time official may also resonate with voters looking for dedicated leadership in county administration.

The runoff election promises to be a closely watched event, with significant implications for the leadership and direction of the Maverick County Tax Assessor Collector’s office.

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