Bexar GOP Chair Endorses Brandon Herrera for U.S. Congress in District 23

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SAN ANTONIO, TX — The race for Texas’s 23rd Congressional District heats up as Jeffery R. McManus, Chairman of the Republican Party of Bexar County, formally endorses Brandon Herrera. Announced on May 8, 2024, this endorsement shifts the dynamics within a fiercely contested race, indicating significant party support for Herrera over the incumbent, who McManus suggests “cannot be counted on.”

Reasons Behind the Endorsement

Chairman McManus outlined multiple factors leading to his endorsement of Herrera. Prominent among these is Herrera’s proactive stance on securing the Texas border and his defense of 2nd Amendment rights. Additionally, Herrera’s opposition to what he perceives as overreaches through legislation like the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) resonates with the party’s foundational principles.

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Herrera’s Commitment to Conservative Values

McManus commends Herrera for his dedication to conservative constitutional principles and his vow to represent these steadfastly in Washington. Unlike the incumbent, whom McManus criticizes for inconsistent actions and a lack of effective engagement on critical issues, Herrera promises to focus intently on the needs of South Texas, advocating for election integrity, responsible fiscal governance, and high moral and ethical standards.

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Mobilizing District 23 Voters

McManus’s endorsement comes with a call to the voters in District 23 to actively participate in the electoral process, emphasizing the need for leaders who reflect their values and can effectively influence federal policy. This move is intended to intensify voter engagement and support for Herrera, setting a clear choice for the constituents in the upcoming elections.

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Impact on the Political Landscape

This endorsement could be a game-changer for Herrera, potentially rallying conservative voters in District 23 around his candidacy. It poses a significant challenge to the incumbent and sets the tone for a competitive race, highlighting the importance of having effective and principled representation in Congress.

The backing from a key county figure like McManus not only enhances Herrera’s credibility but also marks him as a central figure in the ongoing discussions about governance both in Texas and at the national level. As the campaign progresses, the impact of this endorsement on voter perception and Herrera’s campaign momentum will be closely watched.

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