High-Speed Chase Ends with Suspect Absconding under Nueces Bridge

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CRYSTAL CITY, TX — Early Thursday morning, a routine traffic stop escalated into a high-speed chase in Zavala County. At approximately 4:10 AM, a Zavala County Deputy attempted to pull over a white GMC pickup for a traffic violation north of Crystal City on the way to La Pryor. The vehicle failed to yield, leading to a pursuit that intensified dramatically.

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As the chase approached Flack Street near Hwy 83, the deputy reported seeing 10-12 individuals quickly exiting the vehicle—both from the cab and the bed—and fleeing into the nearby brush. Despite this significant development, the GMC pickup continued its escape, weaving through residential areas before re-entering US Highway 83 North towards Uvalde.

The pursuit lasted for about 10 miles until the vehicle veered off the road and came to a stop under the Nueces Bridge. Here, the driver abandoned the vehicle and escaped on foot into the surrounding area. The vehicle was later found unoccupied, and a wrecker service took possession.

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This incident highlights ongoing challenges faced by law enforcement in managing high-speed chases that not only endanger public safety but also involve numerous suspects potentially evading on foot. Local authorities are now investigating the incident, searching for the absconded driver, and assessing the circumstances surrounding the sudden exit of multiple individuals from the vehicle.

Residents are urged to stay alert and report any suspicious activity as the search continues. The authorities hope to resolve this case swiftly to ensure community safety and bring those responsible to justice.

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