Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton Secures Settlement with Chaturbate to Implement Age Verification

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Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has reached a settlement with Multi Media, LLC, the company operating Chaturbate, one of the most visited adult websites, to enforce age verification in compliance with state law. This agreement follows a lawsuit filed in March, accusing the company of not adhering to HB 1181, which mandates that providers of obscene material implement robust age verification systems to safeguard minors from exposure to adult content.

Under the settlement, Chaturbate will incorporate an age verification service to verify users’ ages, aligning with legal standards intended to protect minors. Texas law imposes severe penalties for violations, including fines up to $10,000 per day for failure to comply, an additional $10,000 per day for unlawfully retaining identifying information, and $250,000 if a child accesses pornographic content due to inadequate age verification.

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Attorney General Paxton has taken similar legal actions against other major players in the pornography industry, such as Hammy Media and Aylo Global, reinforcing the state’s commitment to enforcing these regulations strictly.

Paxton stated, “It’s a very positive development that this company has decided to follow the law and begin reasonable age verification measures designed to protect Texas children from harmful material. Other pornography companies should follow this example and willingly choose to do the right thing and abide by the law.” This settlement marks a significant step in Texas’ ongoing efforts to enforce laws designed to prevent minors’ exposure to inappropriate content online.

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