Eagle Pass High School Incident: Student Behind Panic Identified

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Authorities have identified the student responsible for a recent incident at Eagle Pass High School that caused widespread panic. The student, 17-year-old Martin Valeriano Delgado, was arrested after brandishing an air pistol within school premises.

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Delgado has been charged with making terroristic threats. The swift response from law enforcement ensured that no physical injuries occurred, though the incident significantly disturbed students and staff. In response to the event, the school has arranged for counseling services to be available to all individuals affected to help them cope with the psychological impact.

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In the aftermath, community leaders are advocating for a review of security protocols at local schools. The school district has scheduled a parent meeting to discuss the incident and the measures being implemented to bolster security and safeguard the students.

This troubling incident has brought to the forefront ongoing concerns about school safety and student mental health. The Eagle Pass Police Department continues its investigation into Delgado’s motives and the circumstances leading up to the incident, urging the community to assist by providing any relevant information.

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