Eagle Pass Police Department Hosts CC Winn Law Enforcement Students for Insightful Tour

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EAGLE PASS, TX — In a commendable initiative to bridge community relations and inspire future law enforcement officers, the Eagle Pass Police Department (EPPD) recently welcomed students from the CC Winn High School Law Enforcement Classes for an extensive behind-the-scenes tour of its facilities.

The visit, part of an ongoing effort to engage young people interested in law enforcement careers, offered students a unique glimpse into the everyday workings of police officers. Chief Juan Garza led the informative session, emphasizing the department’s commitment to community and law enforcement education.

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Students had the opportunity to explore various departments within the police station, including the Communications and 911 Facilities. There, they observed communications specialists in action, handling real-time emergencies and dispatch duties—an eye-opening experience for many.

Chief Garza expressed enthusiasm about the visit, stating, “It was great having these students visit our department. We hope these types of activities encourage them to continue on the path they’re on.” He highlighted the importance of practical learning experiences in motivating students to pursue careers in law enforcement.

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The tour also included hands-on demonstrations of the equipment used daily by police officers. From radio systems to tactical gear, students experienced the tools essential to maintaining public safety firsthand. This aspect of the tour was particularly engaging, as it allowed students to connect theoretical knowledge from their coursework with real-world applications.

The initiative not only aims to educate students about the inner workings of law enforcement but also strives to foster a positive relationship between the police force and the community. By involving young people in such interactive experiences, the EPPD hopes to cultivate a new generation of well-informed, community-oriented law enforcement officers.

Reflecting on the day’s success, one of the students shared, “Meeting Chief Garza and seeing how everything operates here makes me more excited about my future in law enforcement.” This sentiment was echoed by many of his peers, who left the tour with a renewed interest in their studies and potential careers.

The Eagle Pass Police Department looks forward to hosting more educational tours, continuing to support and inspire the community’s youth. As the local community and the students chant in support of their school, “Go Mavs!” the same spirit is carried into their appreciation for law enforcement education.

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