Journalist Encounters 19 Migrants on Route Between Del Rio and Eagle Pass

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On Her Way to Work Journalist, Ali Bradley, Encounters 19 Migrants on Route Between Del Rio and Eagle Pass

In a sobering reminder of the ongoing challenges at the border, Ali Bradley, a journalist, reported encountering 19 migrants from Colombia and Mexico early this morning. The group was found along the roadside between Del Rio and Eagle Pass, patiently awaiting the arrival of Border Patrol.

These migrants shared with Bradley that their journeys were driven by hopes of reuniting with family and friends in places as far-flung as New Jersey and Florida. Despite a noted decrease in the number of illegal crossings in the area, incidents like this highlight that the issue persists, particularly around Shelby Park.

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Just 15 minutes away from where these migrants were found, Department of Public Safety (DPS) officers and Border Patrol agents were actively managing another group concealed in nearby brush. A helicopter hovered above, part of an intensified effort to locate individuals attempting to evade capture.

This incident underscores the complex realities of border enforcement and the human stories intertwined with these migration trends. While authorities continue their surveillance and response measures, the presence of migrants on such paths reflects ongoing migratory pressures and the diverse motivations behind each journey.

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