Donald Trump and Governor Abbott Visit Eagle Pass to Assess Operation Lone Star

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On Thursday, February 29, 2024, Eagle Pass became the focal point of national attention as Republican Party presidential hopeful Donald Trump and Texas Governor Greg Abbott made a significant visit to the border city. The duo’s trip was aimed at closely examining Operation Lone Star, a border security measure initiated by Abbott in 2021 to curb human and drug smuggling activities along the Texas border.

Accompanied by a sense of urgency over the Biden Administration’s handling of border security, Trump and Abbott embarked on a tour of the Shelby Park area, engaging with authorities and sharing insights with selected media representatives through interviews and press conferences.

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The visit attracted a large crowd of both supporters and detractors, who lined up along Main St., eager for a glimpse of the Trump caravan. Despite heightened anticipation, the convoy, flanked by a security detail, opted for an alternative route to its Shelby Park destination, bypassing the assembled crowd and media for security reasons. The procession entered the park via Bridge No. 2, meeting with Texas Department of Public Safety and Texas Military Department officials for a briefing on the operation’s logistics and achievements.

During a subsequent press conference, Trump lauded the Abbott administration’s border security efforts, describing Operation Lone Star as an “incredible” military-like operation. He critiqued President Biden’s decision to discontinue “Title 42,” a policy implemented during Trump’s presidency to prevent migrant entry amid the Covid pandemic. Trump articulated his vision for border security and expressed support for Abbott’s opposition to the Biden administration’s policies.

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Governor Abbott, in turn, expressed his dissatisfaction with the federal government’s approach to border issues under Biden, attributing a range of “deadly consequences” to the administration’s policies. He underscored Texas’ commitment to border security, mentioning the ongoing efforts to establish a base camp capable of housing up to 2,500 military personnel as part of Operation Lone Star.

As the visit concluded, Trump shifted focus back to his campaign, emphasizing his commitment to securing the Republican nomination and setting the stage for a potential electoral battle against President Biden in the November 2024 Presidential General Election.

With the political spotlight firmly on Eagle Pass, the community remains a key witness to the unfolding narrative of national border security policy and its implications for the 2024 presidential race.

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