Texas Secures $130 Million Contract for New Military Base Camp on Mexico Border

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The saga of Texas and its ongoing efforts to bolster its border security with Mexico continues to unfold. A company situated in the Texas Hill Country has recently secured a $130 million contract to construct a military base camp along the border, a move aimed at enhancing the state’s border mission.

During a press conference, Texas Governor Greg Abbott unveiled the state’s initiative to establish the “Forward Operating Base” in the Del Rio sector. This base is designed to accommodate Texas National Guard soldiers, who are currently dispersed throughout the region in overcrowded conditions.

“By erecting a new Texas Military Department base camp, Texas is broadening its border security efforts. This facility will bolster and refine our operations in securing the border in this vicinity,” Abbott articulated.

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Abbott revealed that the base is slated to occupy 80 acres in Eagle Pass. It is designed to house up to 1,800 soldiers, with the capacity to extend accommodations to 2,300 soldiers during peak times. The base camp is set to include a 700-seat dining hall, a leisure center, laundry amenities, WiFi, personal quarters for soldiers starting at 118 square feet, programs for spiritual guidance, and comprehensive medical and psychological health services.

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The construction contract for the base has been awarded to Team Housing Solution of New Braunfels by the Texas Military Department, as detailed in a procurement order. The order further outlines that the monthly expenditure for constructing the base is anticipated to be around $14.5 million.

The construction schedule is segmented into six stages, with each phase making at least 300 beds available. The initial phase focuses on completing a command center, a first aid station, and a temporary laundry unit. Key deadlines are set for April 25, May 30, July 5, August 11, September 15, and October 22.

Additionally, the base camp plans include a gym, an outdoor sports complex with a covered pavilion, and a helipad, enhancing the facilities available to the stationed soldiers.

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