Coahuila Takes Action Initiating Migrant Repatriations

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Exploring Coahuila’s efforts to address the migratory phenomenon. Follow the first Magnicharter flight repatriating migrants for safer journeys. Updates on collaborative initiatives and commitment to human rights.

Collaborative Oversight

In a significant move to address the migratory phenomenon in Coahuila, a Magnicharter flight took off from the Piedras Negras International Airport this Friday morning, marking the commencement of the safe repatriation of foreign migrant individuals to their respective countries of origin. This initiative, part of broader actions, aims to ensure a secure and well-coordinated response to the challenges posed by the migration flow in the region.

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The operations were conducted under the supervision of key figures, including Commissioner of Bilateral Relations-Coahuila-Texas, Sonia Villarreal Pérez, General Fidel Mondragón Rivero, Commander of the 47th Military Zone, and Norma Treviño Galindo, the Mayor of Piedras Negras. The collaborative effort showcases the commitment of the State Government to work seamlessly with authorities at all levels, emphasizing the absolute respect for the human rights of migrant individuals.

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Governor’s Commitment

Governor Manolo Jiménez Salinas highlighted the longstanding collaboration with the National Institute of Migration since the beginning of his administration. The inaugural Magnicharter flight stands as a testament to the commitment established among the three levels of government. These actions align with the comprehensive agreements previously forged between the State and the Federation to address the unique challenges presented by the migratory flow.

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Journey Details

At 05:44 hours, migrants boarded a Boeing 737-300 with registration XAVDD bound for Villahermosa, Tabasco, following their arrival aboard passenger transport units. The flight, departing at 06:28 hours, signifies the proactive measures undertaken to ensure the safe and orderly repatriation of migrant populations. These measures, born out of the collaborative working group’s agreements, respond to the extraordinary flow of people attempting to reach the United States through Coahuila’s territory.

Ongoing Initiatives

In response to the heightened migration flow, Coahuila remains committed to implementing measures for the continued transfer of migrant populations. This ongoing effort prioritizes individuals who, due to their specific conditions, need to return to their places of origin. The commitment to safe migration and respect for human rights underscores the dedication of Coahuila’s authorities to address the complexities of the migratory phenomenon.

As Coahuila takes decisive steps, this initiative not only reflects a regional response but also contributes to the broader global conversation on migration, emphasizing collaborative strategies, respect for human rights, and the pursuit of safer journeys for individuals seeking a new life. Stay tuned for further updates on Coahuila’s impactful efforts in the realm of migration.

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