House Ethics Committee Declines Investigation into Rep. Jamaal Bowman’s Fire Alarm Incident

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Committee Rules Out Investigative Subcommittee Despite Controversy

“The House Ethics Committee has opted against establishing a subcommittee to investigate Rep. Jamaal Bowman’s actions in pulling a fire alarm before a crucial House vote.”

In a recent statement, Chairman Rep. Michael Guest (R-Miss.) and ranking member Rep. Susan Wild (D-PA.) announced the Committee’s decision not to pursue an investigative subcommittee (ISC) regarding Bowman’s conduct. According to the Committee Rule 10(a), this move requires a majority vote among its members, which didn’t materialize in favor of launching an ISC or reporting to the House about Representative Bowman’s actions.

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This decision follows Bowman’s guilty plea to a misdemeanor charge related to the false fire alarm incident at the Cannon House Office Building. His act coincided with a critical House vote on funding the government before a shutdown deadline. The aftermath saw Republicans accusing Bowman of deliberately disrupting the vote, leading to some proposing a censure bill against him.

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In a plea agreement, Bowman accepted a $1,000 fine and committed to drafting an apology to the Capitol Police. The Ethics Committee’s announcement culminates a month after the incident, drawing attention to the repercussions and lingering tensions within the House.

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